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UP launched Centre for Language Learning

UP recently launched the Centre for Language Learning to offer courses in English as a foreign language to non-native speakers.

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How does the Centre for Language Learning fit into UP?

Have you been wondering why the name Enterprises UP is linked to the full-time English courses offered by the University of Pretoria? One of the reasons for this, is the way that the University is structured.

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Where in the world can I speak English?

The English language still opens more doors than any other language worldwide.  

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How many ways are there to cook eggs?

A good breakfast will make sure that you are ready for your first English lesson of the day!

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What makes a good language school?

English improvement takes time and effort, and so requires a lot of hard work from you.

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What are the different English proficiency levels based on?

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is an internationally accepted standard for describing levels of language ability.

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Invest in your key to success

Get the advantage you need to succeed with an EFL course from the Centre for Language Learning at the University of Pretoria.